Additional Accessories

A complement of additional products are available to extend the features of your Smoke Wizard® package and improve compatibility with certain manufacturers.

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  • UltraTraceUltraTrace

    The same OEM-Approved smoke solution but with out the dye. Tested and proven by the OEM to ensure that these solutions contian nothing that will harm automotive systems or components, yet will prefrom relaibly, repeatedly, and will not stink up the work environment or customer’s vehicles. Good for roughly 300 test cycles.

  • Halogen SpotlightHalogen Lamp

    400,000 CP Halogen Spot Lamp (20’ power leads & clips)

  • Service Port Adapter, SmallService Port Adapter

    EVAP Service Port Adapter Fitting (Small size)

  • Inert Gas Pack

    Inert Gas pack includes: 50 psi preset CO2 regulator with cylinder fitting, pressure gauge, universal push-on female coupler and 20 oz. liquid CO2 cylinder.  (Cylinder arrives empty) Performs approximately 25 EVAP tests per 20 oz. cylinder. Perfect for a moderate volume shop, and portable – too!

  • Inert Gas CylinderInert Gas Cylinder

    Inert Gas Pack spare cylinder – 20 oz. with Pin Valve. Performs approximately 25 EVAP tests per cylinder. (Cylinder arrives empty.)

  • Plug-it Inflatable Bladder PlugPlug-It Inflatable Bladder

    Plug-it is a universal adapter for testing intake and exhaust systems. It works great for odd sized intakes and can expand to seal openings as large as six inches. The bladder is made out of moulded EPDM to provide consistent expansion over time ensuring a great fit. The Plug-it is field serviceable and comes with […]

  • Rechargeable UV Light KitRechargeable UV Light Kit

    Rechargeable, LED hi-intensity UV light of the correct spectrum to best reveal UltraTraceUV® dye. Includes two battery chargers: a 12 VDC (cigarette lighter adaptor) & 120VAC; and UV enhancing glasses.

  • Air Fitting, Automotive StyleAir Fitting, Automotive Style

    Automotive-style air inlet fitting. (Smoke Wizard arrives with this fitting installed)

  • Air Fitting, Industrial StyleAir fitting, Industrial Style

    Industrial style air inlet fitting

  • Smoke Hose ExtensionSmoke Hose Extension

    10 ft. smoke supply extension hose (1/4 inch inside diameter) with Delrin® nozzle, a special low-friction material that will resist scratching a car’s paint if accidentally dropped on the fender.

  • Pop-it® Universal Fuel Neck Adapter

    Fits mainstream OBDII vehicles – and many pre-OBDII vehicles as well.  EVAP Testing made easy: GLD034 fits mainstream OBDII, GLD036 fits BMW/Mini (larger filler neck), Save money – NO replacement sealing disks needed, Works with any smoke machine, Five year warranty!

  • Pop-it® Adapter for BMW/Mini

    Fits OBDII BMW and Mini vehicles. EVAP Testing made easy: GLD034 fits mainstream OBDII, GLD036 fits BMW/Mini (larger filler neck), Save money – NO replacement sealing disks needed, Works with any smoke machine, Five year warranty!

  • Pop-it® Capless
    Double-Door Fuel Neck Adapter

    For use with double-door capless fuel necks on late model Ford and GM vehicles. Save money – NO replacement sealing disks needed. Works with any smoke machine. Made of durable, fuel resistant materials. Five year warranty! The reusable Smoke Wizard® Pop-it® Capless Double-Door Fuel Neck Adapter; simply pop it on, twist to seal, and connect […]

  • Regulator100 Pound Pre-Set Regulator

    100 psi pre-set regulator. Fits Nitrogen, Argon, or Helium high pressure cylinder.

  • 25 Foot Coiled HoseCoiled Hose

    Connects to 100 p.s.i. pre-set regulator (p/n GLD016) and Smoke Wizard when using with inert gas cylinder (large, high pressure) for EVAP testing.

  • Large Cone Adapter

    Made from oil-resistant EPDM material.  Fits most intake systems when testing for vacuum leaks, as well as larger exhaust systems, etc. Dimensions: Small End – 3.5″ Large End – 6.0″ Overall Length – 4.5″ This cone is ideal for sealing larger diameter round openings in a given test area.  The picture to the right shows […]

9 of the Top 10* Check Engine DTCs can be diagnosed with a Smoke Wizard.®

Maybe the Check Engine light should be called the Smoke Wizard light.

* Analysis of 2011-2012 Illinois Smog Check data

* Analysis of 2008 CA Smog Check data