Plug-it Inflatable Bladder Plug

Plug-It Inflatable BladderPlug-it is a universal adapter for testing intake and exhaust systems. It works great for odd sized intakes and can expand to seal openings as large as six inches. The bladder is made out of moulded EPDM to provide consistent expansion over time ensuring a great fit. The Plug-it is field serviceable and comes with an extra bladder. Use it with any model of smoke machine and/or decay gauge.

Plug-it Inflatable Bladder Plug with Through-hole

9 of the Top 10* Check Engine DTCs can be diagnosed with a Smoke Wizard.®

Maybe the Check Engine light should be called the Smoke Wizard light.

* Analysis of 2011-2012 Illinois Smog Check data

* Analysis of 2008 CA Smog Check data