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Smoke Wizard Brochure

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High Quality.  More Features.  Low Price.


Accessories Included:

  • Combo light (LED White & UV; Red Laser)
  • Assorted Cap-Plug Set
  • Exhaust Cone Adapter
  • Schrader Tool
  • EVAP Service Port Adapter
  • Smoke Diffuser
  • UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution


  1. Adjustable hanger
  2. Use with shop air or any inert gas (like nitrogen)
  3. UltraTraceUV® dye pinpoints leaks even after the smoke is gone
  4. Smoke that won’t stink
  5. Pressure Gauge that won’t stick
  6. Test natural vacuum EVAP systems
  7. Pressure and vacuum decay tests
  8. Internal filter protects machine & vehicle from contaminants
  9. Flow ball that won’t hang up
  10. Automatically shuts off flow
  11. At-a-glance .010″ .020″ and .040″ leak tests
  12. Easy-to-read variable flow control valve
  13. Monitor and detect .010″ leak standard like Chrysler does
  14. Stores in your tool box, on its back, like no other

Leave Your Air Hose Behind…

GLD-40 with Inert Gas Pack attached*

Inert Gas Pack

  • Use with shop air, or go portable with the Inert Gas Pack*
  • Perfect for safer EVAP testing
  • Cleaner and dryer than compressed air
  • 20 oz. cylinder good for about 25 tests
  • Pre-set regulator for worry free operation

* GLD028K Inert Gas Pack Sold Separately; Cylinder Ships Empty.

UltraTraceUV® Dye

Manifold Dye

Let the Smoke and Dye work for you!

Now Included with the Smoke Wizard:

GLD043K Combination Light – Red Laser, LED White & LED UV in one light…

Click once for red laser…
Click again for UV spotlight…
Click again for flashlight.


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9 of the Top 10* Check Engine DTCs can be diagnosed with a Smoke Wizard.®

Maybe the Check Engine light should be called the Smoke Wizard light.

* Analysis of 2011-2012 Illinois Smog Check data

* Analysis of 2008 CA Smog Check data