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Your Choice Is Clear…

Smoke Wizard®! Still The Best Choice for Smoke Technology!

The New Improved Smoke Pro® Smoke Wizard® Related Comments:
Features & Benefits
OEM EVAP-Approved Technology yes As far as we know, no OEM in the world approves of Redline Smoke Pro.
Diagnose Systems Using Dye
yes Smoke Wizard’s UV dye reveals hidden leaks that lesser machines with “smoke only” (Smoke Pro) can’t find.
Will not damage EVAP System, Engine Sensors or Void Factory Warranty1


yes As far as we know, no OEM in the world approves of Redline Smoke Pro.
Auto Shut Off Safety Solenoid yes Smoke Wizard’s safety solenoid turns off flow when machine is off. Smoke Pro continues to flow (even if you disconnect the power leads) unless you close the flow valve or disconnect the air line. If left unattended when testing EVAP system, gasoline fumes can exit and fill work bay.
General Purpose TestsIntake, Exhaust and many other systems
yes yes Smoke Wizard’s advanced design requires less maintenance / repairs (no burned up resistance wire & wick replacement) and will pay its Owners a superior return on investment from the time of purchase.
Leak Down Test – WITH SMOKE yes Smoke Pro still cannot perform accurate Leak Down (pressure decay) tests with smoke. Why? The pressure gauge is mounted directly to the smoke chamber and the heat generated while making smoke impacts gauge readings when the flow is turned off. The advanced design of the Smoke Wizard eliminated this problem to save you valuable time and provide more accurate readings!
Variable Smoke FlowPinpoint the exact leak location yes yes Smoke Wizard’s easy to read directional knob indicates the setting. Smoke Pro’s round knob makes it impossible to tell.
Flowmeter yes yes Smoke Wizard’s meter is full size & can measure a .010″, like Chrysler now requires.
Complete Accessory Kit yes yes Smoke Wizard includes a UV light kit.
Compact Design yes yes Smoke Wizard can be laid in a drawer. Redline doesn’t want you tipping theirs over.
Glowplug yes Smoke Wizard uses 10-Year Warranty advanced BOSCH Glow Plug Heater design with advanced microprocessor controller.
Resistance Wire2 yes Smoke Pro uses outdated “resistance wire” heater, first introduced in 1994 Vacutec “general purpose” smoke machines.
Computerized Temperature Control yes yes Smoke Wizard uses a more advanced computer control processor. It actually runs cooler than the Smoke Pro!
Smoke Solution Chemistry (Base Material) Mineral Oil Mineral Oil The “base” material of both is mineral. But Smoke Wizard’s solution is much more! Its Patented UltraTraceUV® is highly refined, has Dye and is approved by every OEM using smoke today4. There isn’t an OEM in the world that has approved baby oil.
Smoke Solution Cost (Per Bottle)

$14.95 3

(eight ounces)


(12 ounces)

It’s about 5-cents per test more to use the proper solution, when you consider Smoke Pro gets about 100 tests3 and Smoke Wizard over 300. $14.95 for 8 oz. of cheap baby oil with a little fragrance sounds very expensive.
Must Use Manufacturer’s Solution Only Smoke Wizard doesn’t say you must use our solution. Heck, you can even use baby oil, but we don’t know why you’d want to. Have you ever smelled baby oil after just a few uses in a smoke machine? It STINKS! Baby oil is not formulated for repeated heating and vapourisation into smoke.
Requires Regular Smoke Solution Changes Really? Are you serious?


1. OEMs have not approved the Redline Smoke Pro for EVAP testing. They also don‟t comply with SAE papers.
2. Not sure why Redline claims an “Air Safe” design since their machine delivers air with oxygen into the EVAP system. Plus, they lack an auto shut off safety solenoid.
3. As quoted on Redline Detection website.
4. The only OEM that doesn’t like to use any kind of dye, in any vehicle system, is Toyota. For them, we have the approved solution without dye. Toyota does not approve the use of “baby oil”.

Global Leak Detection Corp. •

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9 of the Top 10* Check Engine DTCs can be diagnosed with a Smoke Wizard.®

Maybe the Check Engine light should be called the Smoke Wizard light.

* Analysis of 2011-2012 Illinois Smog Check data

* Analysis of 2008 CA Smog Check data